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High Performance Colorado Wildfire + Natural Disaster Hardening Inspections

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Fortify your property against nature’s fury—shield your investment from: wildfires, cold waves/winter weather exposure, heavy rains and flooding. All included in one inspection.

In the wake of the wind-driven Marshall Fire, which erupted into the most costly wildfire in Colorado history, the harsh realities of nature have become impossible to ignore.

Here’s your chance to understand the mitigation potential, protect your property, and live without the worries.

Building Supporters offers a natural disaster hardening inspection, providing invaluable insights into making your property resilient against nature’s harshest climates. This general, visual inspection draws guidance from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Firewise USA, Colorado State Forest Service, US Forest Service, Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety, and more.


High Performance natural disaster inspection focuses on and includes all of the following:

  • Wildfire prevention and hardening
  • High wind mitigation
  • Heavy rain protection and flood avoidance
  • Cold wave/winter weather exposure protection


Wildfire Prevention and Hardening

Includes both structural ignitability and defensive space (zone 1 0-5′, zone 2 5-30′ and zone 3 30-100′) inspection.

  • Roof, gutter and deck condition (clogs, leaves, needles, debris)
  • Perimeter defensible space grass and weed height (under 4″)
  • Direct flame: Immediate fuel sources, flammable debris and landscaping plant/ground cover 5′ buffer
  • Roof and chimney overhanging tree branches
  • Slash, firewood, sheds and combustible distances to home/deck
  • Continuous ground wood chips and accumulations
  • Ember protection: Attic, roof, eaves and foundation vent screening (1/8″ metal mesh)
  • Stilt home foundation and deck screening (1/8″ metal mesh)
  • Tempered and/or multi-pane glazing for doors and windows (Metal screens recommended)
  • Combustible fencing or gate fuses
  • Siding and ground vertical clearances
  • Building material combustibility: Roofing, siding, decking, etc.
  • Propane tanks min 30′ from home or on same elevation
  • 10′ clearance around propane tanks and gas meters
  • Driveway 10′ tree crown clearance and 30′ clearance from driveway sides
  • Ladder fuels beneath trees thinned and removed including shrubs within 10′ of outer edge of tree crowns
  • Non combustible, reflective and visible house number signage
  • Fuel continuity and density in zones 1, 2 and 3. (10′ space between crowns, branches pruned 6-10′ from ground, or 1/3 tree height. 30′ distance for tree groups/clusters of 2 or 3.)
  • Under side of deck clear of storage
  • Caulk/sealant at exterior penetrations/frame joints of windows, garage doors, etc.
  • Weather stripping integrity/condition at doors, garage doors and operable windows
Heavy Rain Protection And Flood Avoidance


  • FEMA Flood MSC National Flood Hazard Layer (NFHL) search
  • gutters clear
  • roof guters not dumping on lower roof.
  • downspout outlet water directed away from structure
  • grading away pemiter of structure
  • Install a backflow valve on your sewer system to prevent sewage back-up in your home.
  • Sump pump inspection: Sump not sitting on any loose silt, small grgrave or debris.
  • Sump pump water test. float trigger and pump activated. water level measured for slow drop/turn off once at shut off level.
  • No visible cracks of basement foundation observed?
  • Uponor or Moen water leak detection system installed? smart water sensor. flood alarms installed? Water Alarm in Your Sump Pit
  • Basement egree window + window well area clear of debris, sill height higher than grade? water diverted away from this area? plastic window well cover option.
  • For flood areas, smart vents installed?
  • window wells at least 10-15cm above ground? sealed at foundation?
  • backup sump pump system installed? good idea.
  • window/door head flashing and sill flashing?
  • roof kickout flashing?
  • general roof inspection
  • debris from flat roofs or roof valleys where leaves can collect and hold moisture.

Sump pump pliuged in.

sump pump discharging to a receptor has an air gap (prevent freezing)


Sump pump check valve installed (prevent distaching tubing water from dumping back when pump shuts off)

undersized discharge puimp? (should be 1-1/4″ or 1-1/2″ outlet. ) Not garden hose, or corrugated tubing.

Sump pump water not dischaerged right agfainst the exterior of house

ADD to general isnepction: loose sump pump covers, septic covers safety, radon gases, etc.

clogged driveway/road culverts, driveway drains free of debris?

weep holes in your brick./stone veneer cladding + windows not blocked or coevred

winter weather:

Frost-free hose bibs isntalled

/uninuslated pipes. basement, crawl space, garage and attic for exposed pipes unconditooned space

unconditioned attic vapor barrier seperation

door and window seal integiry/condition

HEAT PUMP 5′ snow clerance. heat pump snow guard isntalled?

Heat pumps NOT installed near walkways/driveways due to ice build up safety?

general strucral inspeciton for roof overloading due to heavy snow loads, signs of past failure.

gutter inspeciton debris clear to help freeze/thaw cycle which causes ice dams

gutter downspout air gap downspout discharging to a drain receptor

Identify tree hazards that could pose a risk to your home or safety from a heavy snow load or strong wind.

screen over intake vents to prevent rodents from discovering a warm place to call home

metal roof snow guards installed for safety?

roof and soffit vents it can provide proper ventilation and insulation and help to prevent ice dams

General siding insepction

inspect for unsealed foundation cracks,

  1.  During the winter, water can enter the small cracks in your foundation, causing them to expand more with each refreeze,

thermal camera inspection for uninsulated areas or missing insulation.

cualking/sealant conditon of windows/doors.

door and window frame rot/wet conditions. moisture probe.

garage door threshold floor seal isntaed?

concrete outside of exterior doors sloped away from house? All entry points prevent melting snow from leaking inwards?

exterioir chimney mortar conditon?

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