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It’s not a matter of IF defects are found, but rather WHEN. No matter how picture-perfect your home or commercial property may appear, a good inspector will more than often, find inevitable defects.

Accepting that defects will be found isn’t just about acknowledging the imperfections of a property; it’s about understanding the power and strategy behind preemptive disclosure.

Recognize this: when you confront and disclose these defects upfront through a high-performance pre-listing home inspection, you’re not showing weakness; you’re wielding control over the negotiation process and setting the stage for a transparent, fair, and efficient transaction. This is where the real advantages begin.

By The Numbers: Homes with a pre-listing inspection…
• Sold 97% to 105% of their list price with less than two weeks on the market.
• Sold 4x faster than those that didn’t.
• Average 2% over the original list price.
• Stayed on the market 40% fewer days.
• Gave every single seller their money back 10-fold

* Data acquired via Compass real estate agent.

Mastery Over Repair Decisions and Costs:

Initiating a high performance pre-listing inspection positions you in a place of control.

By identifying issues in advance, you’re afforded the strategic advantage to either adjust your asking price to reflect these known conditions or undertake repairs on your own terms.

This not only eradicates them from negotiation debates but ensures cost-effectiveness in addressing them. Your sovereignty in managing repair expenses can significantly augment your financial outcomes.

A pre-listing inspection will help you to avoid surprise defects, such as a roof replacement, that can send you in shock and make the purchase price fall apart.


Unveiling Hidden Opportunities Through Insurance:

Discovering a leak or another fault during the inspection might just unveil an opportunity for improvement at minimal cost to you.

Take, for instance, a scenario that unfolded during one of our meticulously carried out high-performance home inspections. A leaking shower pan had been identified – a fault that, to the untrained eye or to the panic-stricken buyer, could seem like a deal-breaker or an unanticipated expense waiting to drain the bank.

However, the narrative took a significantly beneficial turn upon deeper investigation and understanding of the situation. Due to the leak damage, significant bathroom enhancements and improvements were covered by home insurance. Thus, transforming out of pocket liabilities into desirable assets.

This not only alleviated the initial defect that would have been found, but transformed it into an advantage for the seller, upgrading a critical part of the home without the financial burden falling squarely on the buyer or seller’s shoulders.

Streamlining Negotiations and Elevating Buyer Interest

Knowledge is power. Pre-listing inspections communicate transparency and integrity, building trust with potential buyers. This openness attracts serious contenders to the table, minimizing time wasted on negotiations grounded in guesswork and skepticism.

By providing a house that spells safety and security, you’re not just selling a property; you’re offering peace of mind, which is priceless.

Did you know: Negotiation tactics can cost you a lot of money; a pre-listing inspection is your best ally to avoid them. For instance some buyers will say:

“Do you think it’s fair that I pay for a completely new roof, even though you agree the house is reasonably price?” Or… “I love this house, the price is fair, but I can’t afford to pay for a new roof in a year or two.”

By having a pre-listing inspection report, your ability to control and object to pricing negotiations is greatly enhanced.

Did you know 46% of buyers reported using a home inspection report to negotiate a lower price on their home. (Porch) By investing in a pre-listing inspection report you can limit your buyer’s control of negotiation.

Acceleration of the Sales Velocity

A comprehensive understanding of your property’s condition translates to robust marketing. With every repair made and every issue accounted for, your home’s value ascends. Not only does this validate your asking price, but it also garners the confidence of potential buyers, expediting the sales journey from listing to closing.

Per RELATOR Magazine: “…expedites the pace at which homes are sold while minimizing inspection-related negotiations that can delay or derail deals.”

Advancing Towards a Smooth Transaction

Anticipation is better than cure, especially in real estate transactions. A pre-listing inspection reveals all cards on the table, ensuring no surprises can derail the process later on. By aligning expectations with reality from the outset, you’re effectively fast-tracking the path to a successful closure.

Pre-listing home inspections can reduce last minute negotiations, escrow delays and ultimately lost sales due to unexpected defects.

Did you know: “Maxwell Golburgh Agency estimates that 10% of all sales fall through because of home inspections, whereas less than 10% fall through because buyer’s don’t quality for mortgages.”

You CAN set the exception right from the very start and avoid risky repair negotiations with a pre-home inspection report.

Shielding Against Future Disputes

Foresight through a pre-listing inspection minimizes the probability of post-sale disputes or litigation.

Providing potential buyers with a detailed report adds a layer of protection for you, substantiating the transparent and honest disclosure of your home’s condition.


A Fresh Perspective on Your Home

Viewing your property through the lens of a professional inspector can unveil insights that you may have overlooked. Behavioral familiarity breeds complacency; thus, a neutral, critical appraisal is invaluable.

This includes not just the identification of minor faults but also alerting you to immediate safety concerns that necessitate prompt action. Allow Building Supporters extensive technical knowledge to give a better understanding of your home’s true condition.

Decreasing the Sheer Number of Items on a Buyer's Inspection Report

Any experienced real estate professional knows that a long list of problems on an inspection report can be the death knell for a potential sale.

At Building Supporters, we understand that the key isn’t just to identify every minor issue but to prioritize them in a way that is digestible and rational to a prospective buyer.

By focusing on significant defects and providing a clear hierarchy of concerns, we drastically reduce the chance of overwhelming buyers and thereby decrease the likelihood of them walking away from a deal.

A home with single-digit defects or none at all, will always outperform a home with defects in the double-digits. By taking action beforehand you can remedy problems before they scare off potential buyers.

Eliminate Misunderstandings, Buyer Worries, and Unrealistic Expectations

It’s an undeniable truth—buyers want perfection. Yet, in the world of real estate, perfection is a myth. From the newest condo to the grandest mansion, every property has its quirks and minor defects. The secret lies in how these concerns are communicated.

A pre-listing home inspection is not just about uncovering hidden defects; it’s an opportunity to normalize minor issues like cosmetic cracks or aging window seals. By doing so, we can reflect these concerns in the asking price realistically and transparently, aligning expectations from the start.

Moreover, the psychological impact of a defect on a buyer can be profound. A small crack in the wall may be innocuously cosmetic, but in the unguided imagination of a buyer, it could spell catastrophic structural issues.

Herein lies the strength of a high-performance home inspection report from Building Supporters. We dissect and interpret defects with unparalleled precision, providing clear, doctor-level diagnoses that reassure buyers these are not deal-breakers. Our detailed reports translate what they see into what it actually means—often turning what they perceived as a deal-breaker into a minor, easily addressable issue.

Educate and Communicate Effectively

At Building Supporters, we invest considerable effort into educating our clients and demystifying the home inspection process. By breaking down defects with clarity and transparency, we alleviate much of the inevitable buyer anxiety that can threaten a sale.

Our high-performance inspectors are trained not just in the technical aspects of their job but in how to communicate their findings effectively, ensuring that buyers are informed, comfortable, and confident in their decision-making process.

In essence, a high-performance home inspection from Building Supporters does more than assess a property’s condition—it becomes a powerful tool in the negotiation process, a means to forge trust between buyer and seller, and a mechanism to keep deals on track.

In a market where perfection is the expectation but rarely the reality, we bridge the gap, turning potential flaws into opportunities for clarity and reassurance.

Avoid Buyer’s Remorse and Excuses

The notion of buyer’s remorse can be the Achilles’ heel that turns what should have been a win-win situation into a lose-lose debacle. It’s not unusual for a buyer to feel overwhelmed post-purchase, questioning if the house was too small, too expensive, or just not the right fit.

However, many times, these doubts surface too late in the game, leading buyers to grasp at straws, using their newly acquired inspection report as an escape rope to bail on the deal. It’s a scenario many sellers dread, but it’s also something that can be effectively managed and even prevented with pre-listing inspection report.

Did you know: A buyer’s lawyers can implement clauses in the contract that allow for termination based on the findings of the inspection report, especially if “major” repairs are needed or if the cost for repairs exceeds a certain threshold?

This knowledge is paramount, and it underscores the critical role a thorough, transparent, and strategic home inspection plays in sealing a deal.

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