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Colorado Building History + Retro Permit Search

High Performance Colorado Building History + Retro Permit Search

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It’s not just about thoroughness — it’s about assurance.

Our high-performance building history and retro permit service doesn’t merely examine what’s visible; we delve into the very DNA of a property by investigating its entire permit history, ensuring that any improvements or renovations not only enhance its value but are also compliant with regulations.

Today buyers are exceedingly diligent in their pre-offer research. With such high stakes, our high-performance building history and retro permit service becomes not just a beneficial add-on, but an indispensable asset in navigating the complexities of real estate transactions. Our service ensures that all parties are well-informed, compliant, and protected, thereby fostering a transparent, trustworthy, and smooth transition of property ownership.


For Buyers

Risk Mitigation: Our permit history search is designed to protect you from unexpected surprises. By discovering any unpermitted work before your purchase, you’re safeguarded against potential legal or financial liabilities down the line.

Informed Decision-making: Knowledge is power. With a comprehensive understanding of a property’s permit history, you can make a more informed decision, ensuring your investment is sound and meets all legal requirements.

Enhanced Negotiation Leverage: Access to complete permit and repair history arms you with the data needed to negotiate price adjustments or repair contingencies effectively.

Financial Planning: Identifies potential future expenses related to bringing unpermitted work up to code, allowing for more accurate budgeting.

Avoid the stress of retroactive permits: When city inspectors unearth that your abode has undergone renovations without the due authorization, the onus falls squarely on you to acquire a retroactive permit for the work already completed. It’s important to understand that navigating the process of retroactive permitting is not merely a bureaucratic formality; it’s a potentially costly affair, the extent of which is directly proportional to the scale and valuation of the unauthorized construction activities.

Furthermore, once this oversight comes to light you’re not just facing a simple slap on the wrist. The financial recompense extends beyond rectifying the permit situation. You could find yourself accountable for settling back taxes attributed to the appreciation in your home’s value brought about by the renovations. But it doesn’t end there; associated interest and financial penalties, accruing from the time the improvements were made till their discovery, can further inflate your financial liability.

Protect your safety and ability to insure: Ensures that any modifications, repairs, or additions to the property comply with safety standards, protecting your family’s well-being.

Imagine the horrifying revelation that a secret, unpermitted addition to your home was the catalyst for a fire. The aftermath isn’t just dealing with the physical damage; it’s a brutal awakening when your homeowner’s insurance turns its back on you, labeling the incident as self-inflicted due to the unpermitted alterations.

The fallout extends beyond fire incidents. Consider the liability nightmares waiting to unfold on an unpermitted deck; an accident waiting to happen. An injury on such a structure not only brings into question your liability but also showcases a blatant disregard for safety and regulations, making it nearly impossible to defend. And if nature decides to challenge the integrity of your unpermitted additions, say through a tree fall, don’t expect your insurance to shield you from financial ruin. These unapproved structures are invisible to your insurer’s eye, rendering your policy null when it’s needed the most.

But perhaps more insidious is the legal labyrinth you could find yourself in when attempting to leverage your insurance policy. Claims tied to unpermitted work aren’t just routinely denied; they open up a can of legal wrangles that could see you grappling with litigation, hefty fines, and even the potential of being mandated to tear down the addition at your own expense. The financial and emotional toll of such outcomes can be devastating.

For Sellers

Transparency and Trust: Providing potential buyers with a full disclosure of permit history not only builds trust but also accelerates the selling process by alleviating any concerns regarding compliance and legality.

Future Litigation Avoidance: By disclosing any known unpermitted work, you significantly reduce the risk of future litigation, ensuring a smoother transition and peace of mind for all parties involved.

Price Justification: Command a higher asking price by demonstrating compliance and completeness of all work performed.

Expedited Sale Process: Reduces the likelihood of last-minute discoveries that could delay or derail sale negotiations. Additionally, identify and address any permit issues before listing, avoiding potential deal-breakers.

Competitive Advantage: Sets your property apart from others in the market that may have unresolved permit issues.


Unpermitted Work - A Common Scenario

It’s startling but true; according to a seasoned Real Estate Agent from RE/MAX Alliance in the Denver area, out of ten homes, four to five are likely to have undergone some level of unpermitted work.

This widespread practice not only raises significant safety and legal concerns but also underscores the urgent need for capable, vigilant inspectors to identify, tackle, and rectify these issues before they compound into larger, potentially hazardous problems.

But why would homeowners embark on such a risky path, flouting regulations by conducting unpermitted work on their properties? The motives are multifaceted yet understandable:

Cost and Time Efficiency: The allure of saving both time and money is perhaps the most compelling reason. Navigating the maze of securing the appropriate permits can be a daunting, laborious process. Each city or county has its own set of regulations and hoopla, making the task even more cumbersome. Coupled with the steep filing fees, which can run into the hundreds, the temptation to bypass this step altogether becomes too great for many.

Permanent Residency Misconception: For those who envision their current home as their forever abode, the concept of unpermitted work gains an attractive, albeit misguided, sheen. Operating under the belief that they will never sell, homeowners may see little downside to cutting corners – a view that can backfire should circumstances change.

Property Tax Advantage: A less evident, yet equally strategic motive revolves around property taxes. By keeping their home’s assessed real estate value artificially low through unpermitted modifications, homeowners can obtain a financial reprieve from the taxing authorities. This strategy, while economically appealing in the short term, can lead to significant valuation discrepancies and legal complications down the line.

In light of these insights, it becomes clear that our role transcends mere inspection. We are the guardians at the gate, tasked with ensuring that homes and building not only meet the legal and safety standards today but are also safeguarded against future legal, financial, and safety predicaments. Our work is not just about uncovering what’s been done in the shadows; it’s about protecting the integrity of our built environment and the wellbeing of those who dwell within it.

Proactive Approach

Blueprint Review and Verification Of Work: By examining a home’s original blueprints alongside city building permit records, we offer you the most comprehensive and detailed history of your property. This preemptive measure places you in a position of control, ready to address any concerns proactively, instead of reactively responding to inquiries from inspectors or prospective buyers.

Insurance Implications: Understand the repercussions unpermitted work may have on your insurance. Improvements not up to code or uninspected, such as electrical panel installations, can lead to severe insurance consequences. We illuminate these areas to ensure your property’s improvements are fully recognized and appropriately covered.

Transference of Responsibility: When unpermitted work is adequately disclosed, its future implications become the responsibility of the buyer, post-escrow. This transparent disclosure is vital in facilitating a fair and lawful property transaction.

Control Over the Sales Timeline: Addressing permit issues before listing puts you in control of the sales process timeline. For buyers, with a clear understanding of the property’s status, you can make informed decisions without the pressure of negotiation deadlines.


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