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High Performance Colorado Foundation + Floor + Grading + Flat Roof Level Surveys

High Performance Colorado Foundation + Floor + Grading + Flat Roof Level Surveys

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Introducing the game-changer in high performance property inspections: precise measurements of the foundation, exterior grading, and roofing elevations at every corner of the property.

With cutting-edge zip level technology, Building Supporters revolutionizes the way property assessments are conducted, pinpointing even the slightest elevation variations that hint at potential foundation, structural, roofing and grading issues.

Foundation and Floors:

A zip level is a crucial tool for examining the foundation and floors of a property. By measuring the elevations at various points, this technology can detect even the slightest movements or shifts in the foundation. This precision allows Building Supporters to identify any irregularities that may indicate potential structural issues. Foundation movement can compromise the structural integrity of a home, leading to plumbing leaks, malfunctioning doors and windows, and visible gaps between components.

Exterior Grading:

In addition to inspecting the foundation, a zip level is used to evaluate the exterior grading of a property. By measuring the elevations of the surrounding ground, Building Supporters can determine if the grading slopes away from the building as intended. Proper exterior grading is essential for effective drainage, preventing water from pooling near the foundation and causing potential water damage.


For roofing inspections, the zip level is a valuable tool for measuring the elevations of different sections of the roof, such as flat roofs like Built-up Roof (BUR), Modified Bitumen (Mod-Bit), Concrete, TPO, EPDM, PVC, and more. Analyzing the roof’s slopes and angles helps assess the overall condition and integrity of the roofing system. The zip level system can identify issues such as ponding, sagging roof decks, installation errors like crushed insulation, and more, providing valuable insights into the roof’s health and potential defects.


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High performance level surveys:


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Includes your choice of either exterior grading, foundation or roofing elevations. We can measure an unlimited number of elevation points (within reason/scope) to meet your unique needs. (* Over 100,000 square feet? Uncommon complexities? Please contact us for a custom quote)

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