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High Performance Colorado Sewerline Camera Inspections - Sewer Scope

High Performance Colorado Sewerline Camera Inspections – Sewer Scope

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In the high-stakes arena of real estate transactions, due diligence isn’t just a step – it’s a powerful strategy, an assertion of control and preparedness.

Opting for a sewer scope as part of your high performance home inspection isn’t merely smart—it’s strategic.

Standard inspections have their limits, particularly when it comes to the hidden complexities of sewage lines which require more than just a cursory glance to reveal their true condition. Remember, routine inspections will miss out on potential root intrusions or compromised drain lines, as they operate on the assumption of clear water running through them, ignoring the real-world complexities introduced by day-to-day living.

Building Supporters employs cutting-edge digital camera technology to navigate the twists and turns of underground sewer lines meticulously. This isn’t about a cursory glance; it’s a comprehensive examination designed to unveil the hidden truths of sewer systems, from identifying blockages and breaches caused by tree root invasions to spotting areas susceptible to future problems due to aging infrastructure, and so much more.

The High Cost of Oversight

Neglecting sewer inspections can lead to disastrously expensive consequences.

The horror of sewage backup into a home can transcend mere inconvenience, escalating to significant financial burdens with sewer line replacements potentially costing upwards of $5,000 to $10,000. (Generally $60-250 per foot depending on various factors like location, length, and depth.)

Interestingly, our data reveals that nearly two-thirds of all inspected sewers necessitate repair work, often exceeding $3,000. An overlooked fault could mean tearing up driveways, landscaping, or sidewalks—a situation no homeowner wants to face, whether you’re dwelling in a freshly-built abode or a seasoned residence.

Sewer Scope Benefits

Identifying Problematic Pipe Material: Let’s dive straight into the anatomy of your home’s piping system. Some houses, particularly the older gems with a lot of character, come equipped with sewer pipes that have seen better decades.

Materials such as Orangeburg pipe, reminiscent of a bygone era, are essentially the Achilles’ heel of piping. They might as well be made of paper mache for all the resilience they offer against the ravages of time and use. On the flip side, modern reinforcements like PVC or HDPE pipes stand as the champions in the underground. They’re designed to withstand corrosion, resist breaking down, and essentially keep your home’s underbelly in top-notch condition.

Confronting Age and Deterioration: Age doesn’t discriminate, especially when it comes to sewer pipes. Over the years, even the sturdiest pipes can succumb to the relentless march of deterioration. Corrosion and structural wear turn once solid pipes into relics of their former selves.

Furthermore, external factors like aggressive soil acidity don’t pull any punches, accelerating the breakdown process. It’s crucial to monitor these aging conduits closely and address any signs of decline promptly, ensuring they continue to serve their purpose effectively.

Battling Tree Root Intrusion: Tree roots, in their quest for moisture, transform into unwelcome invaders of your sewer lines. They exploit any vulnerability, whether it be a tiny crack or loose joint, to infiltrate and wreak havoc inside. This botanical infiltration can result in severe blockages, structural damage, or in worst-case scenarios, convert your beautifully engineered pipes into an underground mess.

Navigating Shifts and Settles: The terra firma your home rests upon is more dynamic than it appears. Ground movements, whether due to natural shifts, settling, or the occasional seismic event, pose a real threat to the integrity of your sewer pipes. Such disturbances can lead to misalignments, fissures, and a variety of structural complications. Awareness and timely intervention can mitigate the risks posed by these subterranean shifting sands.

Investing in Preventative Salvation: Embracing preventative measures like installing root barriers or conducting regular cleaning sessions for your pipes can be akin to granting them a second wind. These strategic interventions not only rejuvenate your sewer system but also extend its lifespan, proving to be a cost-effective approach to maintaining your home’s plumbing health.

Mitigating Risks of Sewer Malfunctions: The aftermath of a failing sewer line is the stuff of nightmares. Anticipate an olfactory assault of the foulest order, with scents akin to rotten eggs and expired dairy products leading the charge. This noxious atmosphere isn’t just repulsive; prolonged exposure to these sewer gases can have serious health implications, underscoring the urgency of maintaining a functional and healthy sewer system.

Preventing Plumbing Catastrophes: Envision the horror of encountering back-up from your beloved fixtures – a grotesque blend of waste making unwelcome appearances in your bathtub or sink. Such incidents disrupt not only your home’s hygiene but also your peace of mind. Keeping a well-maintained sewer line ensures that your home remains a sanctuary, free from the vile surprises that clogged or damaged pipes might deliver.

In essence, adopting a proactive stance, coupled with a discerning eye for potential problems, is fundamental in navigating the complexities of home maintenance. Addressing these issues head-on not only safeguards your estate’s structural integrity but also preserves the sanctity and comfort of your living space.

Detecting Damage from External Interferences: It’s not just the natural elements and the aging process that pose a threat to your sewer lines; sometimes, the danger comes from above ground, with the advent of modern advancements like fiber optic or communication cable installations.

Utility companies, in their quest to connect us closer to the world, might inadvertently become agents of chaos for your underground sanctuaries. Excavations required for these installations have the potential to intersect and inadvertently damage your sewer lines, leaving behind a trail of disruption that could go unnoticed until the symptoms start to surface.

This type of damage is insidious because it can introduce sudden and severe issues to a system that was otherwise functioning perfectly. It’s akin to having an uninvited guest crash through your home’s foundation, compromising its structural integrity without a moment’s notice. The key to mitigating this risk lies in a sewer scope to spot problems before they become your problems.

Multi-Directional Locating Technology

We go FAR beyond the industry standard:

With every thorough scan of the sub slab ductwork, we not only pinpoint defects but also report their exact locations utilizing precise digital beacons when possible. (a $400 value)

Building Supporters doesn’t just identifying problems. We also calculate the total number of feet to the defect to furnish you with actionable intelligence. Now, you can accurately quote sewer line repairs without aimless guesswork and unpredictable end costs.

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High performance sewer scope inspections:


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Sewer scope considerations: Removal of toilets may be required on rare circumstances and is not reflected in the base price. Work will stop until we get your approval. This occurs when: clean outs were never installed, cast iron clean outs were never opened in 50+ years, or when plumbing clean outs cannot be easily located, etc. Removal of toilets requires labor for removal + re-setting the toilet, plus new wax seals, caps, bolts, and re-sealing.

Sewer scope inspections don’t encompass certain tasks like removing plumbing fixtures to access drains, climbing hazardous roof types for drain access, or installing cleanouts. 1½” to 12″ pipe capacity with up to 200′ line length included. For rare instances where access to the drain line is compromised or inaccessible, rest assured, you’re not on the hook for the cost of the sewer scope inspection.

Location services may not always be rendered due to ground conditions/coverings or building material interference.

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