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High Performance Colorado Fire Sprinkler + Fire Door Inspections

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Navigate hazards without worry and reduce liability with high performance fire door and fire sprinkler inspections.

Building Supporters offers a general, visual inspection of fire sprinkler systems and a general, operational inspection of fire doors, using National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) codes as guidance.

Fire door inspections: Inspect fire listed swinging type fire door assemblies to the guidance of NFPA 80 5.2.4 standards and/or NFPA 101 Life Safety Code Standards, International Fire Code (IFC) regulations, and NFPA 105 Standard.

Inspection includes:

  • No obstructions interfering with door operation (Evacuation pathways and clearances)
  • Missing/insecure mounting/assembly hardware or broken parts
  • Failure to latch
  • All hinges ball bearing except for spring hinges/antifriction bearing
  • No evidence of field modifications or open holes
  • Steel shims for alignment as needed
  • Glazing/bead intact and fastened
  • Non-combustible sills installed
  • Fire doors 60” 2 hinges, over 60” 1 additional hinger per 30” height.
  • Swinging door clearances: Top/vertical edge and meeting edges of doors swinging in pairs 1/8-inch (3.18 mm) + 1/16” (1.59 mm) for steel doors, and + ⅛” (3.18 mm) for wood doors. Bottom of door ¾” (19 mm), and ⅜” (9.5 mm) for doors that have sills more than 38 inches (965 mm).
  • Sliding door clearances with sides/top overlaps less than 4in.
  • No combustible floor coverings extend through door opening (exceptions apply, unless 3+ hour rated doors)
  • Fusible link/heat-actuated devices condition (No paint/grease. NFPA recommends swapping out once per year)
  • No signage exceeding 5% of the total area of the face (Or mechanical fasteners)
  • No painted over labels/tags
  • Self closing device installed and operational (No hold-open features unless auto-close alarm)
  • Dual-leaf coordinators operational (Not required for independent close/latch)
  • Rolling: No closing speeds slower than 6” per second, or faster than 24” per second Rests on floor (No gap) per manufacturer’s specifications
  • Rolling: 1st and 2nd simulation drop test (2nd to verify automatic closing device re-set.) Proper travel inspection. Disconnect triggering device above. Measure fall rate. Door rolled up with vice grips, spring rewound with bars see owners manual for # of turns required. Release turnbuckle tension to ease re-install/then re-turn.
  • Rolling: Upward bias door, bolts in sideguide are at the top of the hole
  • Rolling: Governor cable or sash chain / Taut cable
  • Rolling: Conduit chase through wall for cable. Through wall release with a fusible link installed
  • Rolling: UL label installed
  • Continuous gaskets for corridors and smoke barriers (Hospital terminates 6” above frame)
  • Illumination and visibility of fire door exit signs
  • Improper hardware (such as door stops)
  • Physical damage and corrosion detrimental to performance
  • Documentation for your records
  • Annual inspection label applied to the door

Fire sprinkler inspections: Inspect fire sprinkler systems to the guidance of NFPA 25 standards. This general, visual inspection does not include any sort of verification of the design or layout of the sprinkler system, nor testing or verification of performance.

Inspection includes:

  • Thermal imaging fire sprinkler head moisture scan
  • Leakage (tanks, pumps, valves, piping)
  • Corrosion detrimental to sprinkler performance
  • Physical fire sprinkler system damage
  • Loss of fluid in the glass bulb heat-responsive element
  • Loading detrimental to sprinkler performance
  • Paint other than that applied by the sprinkler manufacturer
  • Sprinklers installed in the incorrect orientation
  • Minimum clearance to storage is maintained
  • Sprinkler head box installed with spares
  • Visible and legible hydraulic place cards
  • Sprinkler room top/bottom control valve open
  • System gauges reading the same pressure
  • Fire standpipe covers installed
  • Hose valve handles installed
  • Horn/strobe/sprinkler cage wire guards protection installed in gymnasium/subject mechanical injury
  • Sprinkler pressure gauge manf date inspected and indications of recent calibration
  • Fire sprinkler system drum drip condition acceptable with bottom nut installed and identification
  • Fire sprinkler CPVC no excessive glue on fittings
  • CPVC fittings meeting minimum connection joint gap
  • External loads (wiring) attachments to CPVC fire sprinkler piping
  • Examination for riser mixing of galvanized and black iron piping
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(* Inspections are only done for septic systems installed after 1997, due to systems having a certain standard of modernity and regulation compliance.)

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