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Colorado Construction Expert Witness, Litigation + Mediation + Evidence Preservation

Colorado Construction Expert Witness, Litigation + Mediation + Evidence Preservation

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Indispensable in complex residential and commercial property legal disputes. Our expertise is our declaration of masterclass in navigating the challenging terrain of construction disputes.

Our approach to construction defect litigation is both comprehensive and sharply focused. Recognizing that winning often hinges on the accumulation of details, we deploy world-class high performance inspectors with a hawk’s eye for scrutiny. They delve beyond the surface, identifying not just the obvious flaws but uncovering hidden defects that owners might have overlooked. By bringing these issues to light, we ensure that any legal action addresses the full spectrum of known problems, fortifying our clients’ positions.

Evidence forms the backbone of our strategy. Every detail, every piece of data we collect is meticulously analyzed and prepared to serve as unassailable support in your corner. This relentless pursuit of precision ensures that every claim we make is backed by irrefutable facts, setting the stage for a convincing and successful legal argument.

Our team of building science experts embodies the ideal blend of detail-orientation and expansive knowledge. We’re masters of the craft, understanding every nuance and potential pitfall. This dual focus allows us to navigate the complexities of litigation with the confidence and clarity that comes from genuine expertise.

Expert Witness

Leading With Specialized Insight: In the vast domain of construction where every detail counts, Building Supporters stands out for our profound specialized knowledge. Like experts who decipher complex puzzles, our team dives deep into construction standards, practices, and intricacies, offering strategic advantages that are second to none.

Clarifying Complexity with Expertise: The complexities of construction projects can be as intricate as a high-level strategic game. Building Supporters unravels these complexities with precision, presenting facts in ways that resonate clearly with judges and jurors, much like a skilled educator breaking down difficult concepts for students.

Upholding Credibility and Objectivity: In the critical environment of the courtroom, the integrity and impartiality of your counsel can significantly influence outcomes. Our expert witnesses embody trust and unbiased authority, similar to a trusted advisor whose insights and perspectives garner respect and sway opinions.

Strategic Assessment of Damages and Liability: Identifying key issues in a legal dispute requires precision and insight, qualities inherent at Building Supporters. Our nuanced evaluations of damages and liability ensure that justice and rightful compensation are pursued effectively for our clients.

Engaging in Negotiation with Mastery: Building Supporters leverages the depth and gravitas of our expert witnesses to enhance our clients’ positions in settlement discussions. Demonstrating the strength of their case persuasively can lead to favorable outcomes without the prolonged process of a trial.

Depth of Practical Knowledge: Our experts have a deep-rooted understanding of construction methodologies, materials, and standards. Their insights are not confined to textbooks but are enriched by years of practical experience. This depth of knowledge is critical when dissecting complex construction issues in court.

Credibility with the Courts: Courts and juries inherently respect the testimony of someone who speaks from a position of hands-on experience. Our real builders testify not just about what they’ve read but about what they’ve seen, diagnosed, and repaired, lending significant weight to their testimony.

Anticipation of Challenges: With extensive field experience, our high-performance experts are adept at identifying and articulating potential pitfalls and issues that may not be immediately apparent to others. This foresight can be instrumental in building a compelling case or in dismantling the opposition’s arguments.

Communicating with Authority: Our experts possess the unique ability to convey complex construction concepts in an understandable manner. Their real-world experience equips them to explain intricate details in a way that resonates with arbitrators, judges, and jurors, ensuring crucial points are both heard and comprehended.

Empowering Through Education: Our expert witnesses enlighten juries by demystifying the complexities of construction law and illuminating the facts, enabling them to make informed decisions. This approach not only supports our client’s case but also ensures that justice is accurately served.

Why Building Supporters

Unrivaled Credentials & Experience: Building Supporters is powered by a team of expert witnesses whose credentials and experience are unmatched. Their renowned expertise, supported by a track record of successful engagements, provides our clients with an unparalleled advantage.

Exceptional Communication Skills: The ability to communicate complex concepts with clarity and conviction distinguishes our experts. Their skill in engaging and explaining ensures that key details are understood and appreciated in the high-stakes context of the courtroom.

Foundation of Integrity: At the core of Building Supporters lies our unwavering commitment to integrity and objectivity. This dedication to ethical standards and impartiality ensures our credibility, fostering trust and confidence among clients, juries, and judges.

Resilient Under Pressure: The courtroom is a demanding arena where only the well-prepared and resilient can thrive. Our experts exhibit remarkable composure and determination when faced with rigorous cross-examination, maintaining their poise and delivering impactful testimony with confidence.

Available 7 Days A Week: Mastery isn’t just about showing up; it’s about dominating every aspect, every single day of the week. At Building Supporters, we embody this relentless pursuit of excellence by offering unwavering, 7-day-a-week support to lawyers and clients. We understand the dynamism of your needs, which is why we commit to same-day reporting for high-performance home inspections and generally offer same/next-day appointments. Our ethos is about more than just meeting expectations; it’s about bending over backwards to synchronize with your schedule swiftly and effectively. With Building Supporters, you’re not just getting a service; you’re gaining an indefatigable ally in your corner, every day, any hour you need us.

The Best Of The Best

More certifications, memberships and licenses than anyone else in Colorado.

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Our high-performance home inspectors are uniquely ALL past builders, professional tradespeople and construction geniuses with real-world experience.

Our advantage: The employment of REAL builders, tradespeople and construction gurus with genuine, hard-earned trade experience in construction, architecture, professional building trades, building science, engineering, and more. This isn’t about hiring individuals who boast an array of online certifications; this is about bringing on board seasoned warriors of construction whose expertise is forged in the fires of real-world challenges.

Imagine you’re strategizing for a high-stakes legal battle in the realm of construction law. Would you enlist a theoretical strategist who’s mastered the art of war through online classes, digital courses and books, or would you prefer a seasoned general who’s navigated the trenches, faced the enemy, and emerged victorious? The answer is clear. Real veterans, with their profound hands-on experience, offer invaluable insights and credibility that can decisively influence the outcome of legal disputes. They’ve encountered every conceivable construction challenge, from foundational issues to intricate architectural nuances, making them not just participants but masters of their craft.

Our Founder: Brian Cornwell

In the realm of legal expertise, especially when the matter at hand intersects with the complex and often intricate world of construction and building science, one name echoes with authority and unparalleled insight – Brian Cornwell. As the founder and trailblazing architect behind Building Supporters, Mr. Cornwell has redefined the boundaries of what it means to be both a master builder and an invaluable expert witness in legal disputes focused on construction quality, building science, and architectural feats.

With an illustrious foundation laid down in the serene mountains of Lyons, Colorado, Brian’s first monumental project, a multi-million dollar 4,400 square-foot mountain sanctuary, stands not just as a testament to his skill in architecture and construction but also as a beacon of his understanding and command over the world’s most difficult building standard: Passive House. These are achievements not just of physical labor but of intellectual rigor and environmental consciousness. His ability to orchestrate such a feat, mortgage-free in his early 30’s, provides a clear, compelling narrative of his mastery over both the hammer and the pen.

Brian Cornwell isn’t just a builder; he’s a curator of history and a pioneer in material science. His Materials Museum in Boulder, Colorado, is a treasure trove of  over 40,000 building artifacts and methodologies, offering a tangible connection between past and present construction. This unique combination of roles – as an architect, builder, historian, and curator – grants Brian a multifaceted perspective on construction.

His construction publication, “Materials Magazine,” extends his teachings and insights to a global audience, packaging decades of boots-on-the-ground experience into accessible, compelling narratives and technical revelations. This broad dissemination of knowledge, coupled with his contributions to building science through his innovative Passive House wall assemblies, positions Brian Cornwell as not just a subject matter expert but as a visionary in the field of construction.

But where Brian truly transcends is in his application of this profound knowledge to the realm of legal disputes. His comprehensive understanding of building techniques, common construction shortcuts, and installation errors not only positions him as a formidable expert witness but also revolutionizes the standard for home inspections with Building Supporters. This is an initiative that goes beyond mere observation, diving deep into the why and how of building practice with a precision and reliability unmatched in the industry.

In a legal landscape where the integrity of construction and architectural decisions can come under scrutiny, having an expert witness like Brian Cornwell is equivalent to wielding a double-edged sword. On one side, his in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience in the field offer accurate, reliable testimony. On the other, his commitment to advancing building science and preserving construction history adds a layer of credibility and respect unmatched by his contemporaries.

For any lawyer stepping into the complex intersection of legal challenges and intricate building sciences, partnering with an expert witness of Brian Cornwell’s caliber isn’t just an advantage; it’s a necessity to ensure just, informed decision-making. Brian doesn’t just offer expertise; he represents a bridge between the often disparate worlds of construction practice and judicial resolution—a bridge built on decades of dedication, innovation, and an unwavering commitment to excellence in every block laid and case argued.

Welcome to the future of construction science and legal expertise, where Brian Cornwell and Building Supporters are not just participants but architects of a new era in building and legal standards.

Evidence preservation

Ensuring evidence is preserved is key when pursuing legal action to safeguard your interests.

It’s vital to have it handled by an independent third-party professional to avoid any claims of tampering or damage which could undermine your case. Manufacturers or suppliers might argue the evidence was compromised to avoid compensation for your losses. Building Supporters will secure, document, and store the evidence as required by the pre-trial orders for you.

High-Performance Material Lab Testing

Building Supporters can leverage our national lab partner to authenticate and analyze building material evidence. This partnership is instrumental in certifying the quality and compliance of materials used in construction projects. The national lab’s role is foundational in identifying, examining, and verifying the characteristics of construction materials through a suite of sophisticated analytical techniques.

Phase Contrast Microscopy (PCM): A method used primarily for detecting asbestos fibers in building materials. PCM allows the rapid screening of samples to estimate concentrations of fibers.

Polarized Light Microscopy (PLM): An essential technique for identifying and quantifying various mineral compounds in materials. PLM can distinguish between different types of asbestos and other minerals based on their optical properties.

Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM): Offers high-resolution imaging at the molecular or atomic level. TEM is used for identifying ultrafine particles, including asbestos, by examining their morphology and crystallography.

Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM): Provides detailed images of material surfaces, detecting topographical, morphological, and compositional information. SEM is vital for examining wear, corrosion, and contamination of building materials.

X-Ray Diffraction (XRD): An essential method for identifying crystalline phases of minerals in materials. XRD can determine the mineralogical composition of building materials, which is crucial for assessing their quality and durability.

Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy (STEM): Combines TEM and SEM capabilities to provide high-resolution imaging and material analysis. STEM is instrumental in identifying material defects at the nanoscale.

The national lab’s recognition by a breadth of accrediting organizations such as A2LA (American Association for Laboratory Accreditation), AIHA-LAP (American Industrial Hygiene Association Laboratory Accreditation Programs, LLC), NVLAP (National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program), and various state and federal regulatory bodies, ensures adherence to the highest standards of accuracy, reliability, and integrity in testing.

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