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Just say no to hidden health hazards and expensive repairs. High performance reports mean less stress and serious negotiation power. Most clients see a 4-6x return on investment or higher.

Be empowered to hold sellers accountable for addressing identified issues, ultimately leading to significant cost savings. Meticulous documentation strengthens your negotiating position with sellers, facilitating more favorable outcomes.

Our clients often realize substantial savings that frequently exceed four to six times the initial inspection fee, resulting in more money in your pocket.


Save thousands of dollars $$$$

Real world defects that can plague your pocketbook:

Thermographic scan in-wall pipe leak damage: $8,930
Failing roof causing water intrusion: $33,500
Improperly flashed and failing window IGUs: $64,293
Defective HVAC equipment: $15,290
Chimney rebuilt from the roof up: $5,000
Aluminum wiring causing fire hazard: $8,238
Recalled electrical panel requiring replacement: $6,920
Leaking water heater: $2,855
Non-repairable failing dishwasher: $1,624
Laboratory asbestos confirmation with popcorn ceiling asbestos abatement: $4,440
New broiler replacement: $13,000
Fungal remediation/mold removal and basement waterproofing: $27,899
Improperly installed sewer main line with crushed piping and unglued connections : $6,254
Failing roof skylight units: $2,293
Removal of oak tree branches overhanging roof: $3,000
Improper grading and drainage slope with French drain, gutter/downspout replacement: $8,220
Overhead sewer failure: $6,900
Master bathroom tile shower water flood test failure and rot damage: $18,000
Structural failure requiring helical piles to stabilize house: $32,000
Deck structural failure due to framing rot and improper installation: $13,500
Failure of septic tank and leach field: $29,000
Crawlspace remediation with rodent infestation and moisture damage: $16,490
Cracked concrete basement wall requiring carbon strap: $3,300

Remember, most properties can often have multiple problems – not just one. The dollar amounts can skyrocket. Do you really want to be the one stuck paying for it all? Does the typical industry-standard, few-hundred dollar inspector seem like such a “bargain” now? Everything they miss due to lack to experience, education, etc. ultimately costs you money.

Protect your bottom line: Get a high performance inspection from the start, and save FAR more money.

We’ve seen it all and we tell all.

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Even today’s brand-new multi-million dollar properties are often plagued with problems. But it’s not just the builder/trade inexperience and shortcuts you have to watch out for. In the last fifty years there have been dozens of notable building industry product failures and lawsuits:

  • Blue/Red Dye cross-linked polyethylene tubing
  • Single-strand (solid) aluminum wiring
  • Fire retardant treated plywood crisis
  • The Minnesota Stucco crisis
  • Exterior Insulated Finish Systems
  • Cultured Stone failure
  • Cedar Shingle House Wrap Failure
  • Vinyl Wall Coverings and Moldy walls
  • (Chinese) Corrosive Drywall
  • Polybutylene water piping
  • Asbestos Insulation, Roofing and Flooring
  • The Juneau SIP roof failure crisis
  • Urea Formaldehyde foam insulation (UFFI)
  • The Vancouver condominium crisis
  • Impermeable Plastic vapor barriers
  • Vapor Impermeable Slab coverings and floors
  • Sulfite attack on concrete
  • Ozone reactions mildewcide paint additives
  • Termite infestation in rigid foam insulations
  • Ohio and Indiana Brick homes rot crisis
  • Crumbling fiber-cement synthetic slate roofs
  • Imported Chinese Cast-iron piping
  • Imported Chinese Laminate flooring
  • PEX-ALUM-PEX product de-laminating
  • Connecticut’s Crumbling Pyrrhotite Concrete
  • Pex dezincification yellow brass fitting failures
  • High-elevation pressure equalization in sealed insulated glazing
  • Premature insulated glass seal failure
  • Inner-Seal composite siding crisis (Soggy siding)
  • Defective Concrete (excessive amount of fly ash)
  • CertainTeed Weatherboards fiber cement siding shrinkage
  • Poz-Lok fire sprinkler failures (defective weld seams lacking zinc galvanizing)
  • Central Sprinkler Company CSC/G” triangle/star symbol wet sprinkler O-ring failures
  • Victaulic 758 dry valve piston shaft scaling
  • Red Murray main breakers (Overheating, causing bus bar damage/welding to bar.)
  • Zinsco panels (short circuit/overcurrent failure to trip/breaker switches melting)
  • Wadsworth Bryant and Bulldog panels (aluminum wiring overheating, melting the hot bus, and sparking)
  • Federal Pacific panels (Failure to meet UL testing standards and failure to trip breakers)
  • Frank Adams, GTE-Sylvania and Challenger panels (overheating at bus bar causing arcing between circuit breaker and bus bar)
  • Pushmatic panels (weak breaker switches and no main breaker switch to prevent power from flowing into panel)
  • Masonite / hardboard siding (deterioration)
  • Allura fiber cement siding* manufactured in Plycem’s White City, Oregon, plant
  • Louisiana-Pacific (LP) Inner Seal (Expansion, discoloring, cracking, and fungus/mildew)
  • Schneider Electric Square D QO Plug-On-Neutral Load Centers 194871-221343 (neutral­ connection loss and potential to overheat at the load.)
  • Siemens / Murray 15-50 Amp breakers, load centers and meter combos. 2010. (Spring clip failure with potential for overheating and arching.)
We See What Other Inspectors Can't

Infrared Thermographic Surveys included with every High Performance inspection for FREE. Advanced infrared technology allows us to potentially detect a broad spectrum of issues lurking unseen within your property’s walls. Did you know: Most other inspectors don’t use thermal imaging because it’s expensive and requires additional training/experience to understand.

We Protect Your Bottom Line

We use a portion of every dollar we make to secure our clients the best warranty coverage, insurance and protections in all of Colorado. All standard, at no additional cost to you ever.

We carry BOTH Errors + Omissions and General Liability Insurance. Only 5% of ALL inspectors have this, because it’s incredibly expensive.


Elite Inspection Warranty Included $0 deductible: Eligible mechanical and structural repairs and mold remediation expenses are reimbursed up to $2250.00. Qualifying roof leakage repairs expenses are reimbursed up to $1000 per property. Covers anything that was inspected including structural, electrical, plumbing, and HVAC systems, as well as appliances, roofing, exteriors, interiors, and potential pest infestations.



InterNACHI We’ll Buy Your Home Back Guarantee Included $0 Deductible: Full purchase price. Honored for 90 days after closing. Not all inspectors can offer this service, as it requires InterNACHI certification plus an advanced CPI designation, which Building Supporters has obtained.

InterNACHI Referring Real Estate Agent Protection Included: InterNACHI will indemnify any licensed real estate agent in an amount up to $10,000 if a third party successfully sues the agent for negligent referral of an InterNACHI inspector.

InterNACHI’s Honor Guarantee Included: InterNACHI’s $25,000 Honor Guarantee protects you against personal property loss during an inspection.


ISG 125-Day Warranty Plus Included $0 Deductible: Mechanical + Structural Coverage: Water lines, faucets, water heaters, drain lines, gas lines. Electrical: Main service panel, secondary service panel, and wiring. Appliances: Kitchen Appliances including and limited to oven, range, dishwasher, built-in microwave, trash compactor, and garbage disposal. Heating/Air (HVAC): Furnace, Air Conditioner, and Thermostats. Poured Concrete & Block wall foundations. Floor joists, bottom & top plates, and wall members. Roof leak repair (does not include replacement of bad shingles), load bearing walls, attached
garage doors.

ISG 125-Day SewerGard Plus Included: Up to $4,000 coverage ($2,000 coverage per line) Extended to 12 months with a clear sewer scope.

ISG 125-Day MoldSafe Included: Up to $2,000 remediation coverage of new visible mold growth.

ISG Radon Protection Plan Plus Included: Up to $1200 for a mitigation system to be installed to the home. 120 days or 12 months if active mitigation system installed. *Testing required.

ISG 5-Year Roof Leak Protection Plan Included: Up to $3,000. Covers the roof, for leaks, for period of 5 years from the date of inspection.

ISG Termite Protection Included: 90 days following inspection. Covers cover the cost to treat new termite and carpenter ant infestations.

ISG NXT Structural Warranty Included: Up to $5,000 per claim, and $100,000 for the duration of the 12-month policy. Covers structural component malfunctions and failures as follows: footings and foundation systems, beams, girders, lintels, masonry arches, columns, load-bearing walls, partitions, roof framing systems, and floor systems, subject to limitations and exclusions.


Building Supporters 100/Day Guarantee Included: Here’s our ironclad satisfaction 100/day guarantee, clear and straightforward: “If we fail to meet the Standards of Practice, don’t pay us. That’s our promise to you. ”

Building Supporters Canceled Escrow Guarantee Included: Building Supporters helps protect you from paying full price for a second home inspection with a $199 discount off the regular price.


RecallChek Appliance Recall Checks Included: We submit the make and model numbers from your appliances, furnaces, air conditioners and water heaters to ensure that you not only get the free repairs that you are owed currently, but also to protect your families safety.


* valid only on. terms

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