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Builder, Insurance + Product Manufacturer Claim Challenges

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In the tangled web where builders allege defective products and manufacturers counter with claims of flawed installation, the stakes are high; manufacturers risk severing ties with builders, while builders face the jeopardy of tarnishing client relationships. In this deadlock, there seemed to be no winners – until now.

Introducing Building Supporters, the epitome of neutrality and unbiased judgment for building product manufacturers and builders alike.

Our expertise isn’t just in affirming proper installation per the stringent standards of manufacturers, but also in applying the rigorous principles of building science to unearth the true origins of either product failure or installation lapses. As the external arbitrator, our role transcends mere inspection; we safeguard the treasured relationships between all parties, driven by the unwavering belief that data and facts are incontrovertible.

Consider the scenario: a reputable high-performance window manufacturer supplies their latest products to builders, who then fit these state-of-the-art windows into the bespoke homes of their clients. However, disaster strikes with the first torrential rain – the windows leak. The builder, convinced of a product flaw, activates their warranty rights. The manufacturer, in defense, dispatches a field inspector, only to uncover installation oversights – a missing head flashing here, a poorly executed sill pan there. Warranty claims are dismissed by the manufacturer, leaving the builder in staunch disagreement, and all parties in a stalemate. Relationships sour, future collaborations evaporate, and the specter of litigation looms large.

Here is where Building Supporters steps into the fray: We don’t just inspect; we verify and diagnose to deliver a resolution that commands respect from all involved. As the uninvolved, neutral third party, our capacity to swiftly defuse potential conflicts is unparalleled. We furnish data-driven, factual evidence that unequivocally points to the party at fault, thereby deflating frustrations, resentments, and animosity.

In essence, Building Supporters doesn’t just resolve disputes – we preserve the integrity of professional relationships through transparency, accuracy, and fairness, ensuring that builders’ legitimate warranty claims are upheld with the seriousness they deserve, while simultaneously shielding product manufacturers from baseless warranty allegations. The result? A harmonious industry ecosystem where trust is not just rebuilt, but fortified.”



High performance Builder, Insurance + Product Manufacturer Claim Challenges:


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