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The Building Supporters approach to high-performance home inspections is built upon a foundation of unparalleled excellence.

While the competition might be content with merely ticking boxes and following a standard checklist, we believe in transforming each home inspection into a comprehensive diagnostic evaluation that leaves no stone unturned. Our mission is not just to inspect, but to protect and serve our clients’ best interests, ensuring that their home is not merely a dwelling, but a fortress of security, quality, and potential. When you choose our high-performance home inspection and building performance services, you’re not just getting a routine check-up; you’re investing in peace of mind, quality, and the assurance that your home is inspected by someone who doesn’t just do this for a living but lives to make a real, tangible difference.

Precision and Detail-Oriented Focus

In the world of home inspections, detail is king. The difference between a satisfactory home inspection and an exceptional, high-performance one lies in the minutiae—the small cracks that could lead to catastrophic structural failings, the tiny leaks that could evolve into mold and health hazards, and the minor faults in the wiring that could spell electrical disaster. Unlike the competition, our methodology prioritizes a meticulous examination of every possible aspect of the property, employing cutting-edge technology and tried-and-true techniques to identify risks and provide actionable solutions.

Empowerment Through Knowledge

Our approach goes beyond mere identification of issues. We believe in empowering our clients with the knowledge and understanding they need to make informed decisions about their property. This means providing a comprehensive breakdown of all findings, prioritizing them by severity, and offering expert advice on the steps required to address each concern. We don’t only present problems; we offer pathways to improvement, turning potential deal-breakers into manageable tasks that can enhance both the value and safety of the home.

A Duty of Care and Responsibility

Acknowledging the significance of homeownership, our commitment to high-performance home inspections is underpinned by a profound sense of duty and responsibility. Recognizing that a home is not just a financial investment but a sanctuary for families, every inspection is conducted with the depth of care as if we were inspecting our own homes. This ethical approach not only elevates the quality of my service but establishes trust and reliability, qualities that are often amiss in the competitive landscape.

Breaking the Mold

In a world where conformity and complacency are all too common, Building Supporters services break the mold by challenging the very essence of mediocrity. We refuse to accept the narrative that an average service is sufficient. Instead, we champion the cause of excellence, striving to offer an inspection service that not only meets but exceeds expectations, setting a new benchmark in the industry.

Who Is Brian Cornwell

Building Supporter’s High-Performance Founder.

Embark on a journey with Brian Cornwell, the visionary and driving force behind Building Supporters, a place where the apex of building science seamlessly merges with the sheer essence of architectural ingenuity. Hailing from an illustrious career, Brian’s remarkable endeavor began in his early 30s when he single-handedly constructed his 4,400 square-foot, multi-million dollar mountain haven in Lyons, Colorado. As both the architect and builder, Brian raised the bar, constructing to the unrivaled, stringent Passive House standard — boasting R-50 walls and R-90 roofing, all whilst gracefully avoiding the burden of a mortgage through masterful self-conduct across all trades.

Beyond the realm of crafting architecturally sophisticated residences, Brian’s passion for the intersection of historical and contemporary building methodologies shines brightly through his pioneering venture, the “Materials Museum” in Boulder, Colorado. Distinguished as the first of its kind in North America, the museum hosts an astounding collection of over 40,000 historical building artifacts and tools, encompassing rarities such as the inaugural framing nailer, fragments of copper from the Statue of Liberty, and cladding from the summit of the Empire State Building.

Brian’s journalistic enterprise, “Materials Magazine,” serves as a beacon of knowledge for the 100,000+ monthly readers comprising builders and architects keen on mastering the globe’s most challenging and enduring building standards. His innovative approach to Passive House wall assemblies redefines the boundaries of traditional building science, elevating construction to new heights. This transformative journey is vividly chronicled on his dedicated television channel, showcasing the meticulous build-out of each groundbreaking wall assembly.

Brian’s adventures tread beyond the conventional, navigating through Colorado’s perilous mountain trails to uncover the stories of historic, forsaken mines that sculpted the state. His expeditions into the realm of high altitude, severe winter climates, and heightened ultraviolet degradation offer unparalleled insights into the enduring legacies of unique historical building techniques, successes, and failures. These invaluable lessons, far beyond the reach of any classroom, find their home at the Materials Museum, along with the tales and artifacts from Brian’s mining discoveries. His deep fascination with material science enhances our understanding of how underground minerals transform into everyday building products and their real-world applications, unveiling the scientific rationale behind material failures.

Brian’s expertise transcends that of the conventional home inspector. His hands-on experience in construction, coupled with his rich knowledge base, places him leagues ahead. The vast majority of today’s home inspectors, never having wielded a hammer, let alone constructed a dwelling from scratch, pale in comparison. Brian’s comprehensive understanding of building practices, common shortcuts, and installation errors that often lead to costly failures equips him with a unique vantage point. With Building Supporters, he offers a pioneering high-performance home inspection service, unprecedented in its thoroughness, accuracy, and reliability.

Step away from the pitfalls of subpar construction and hidden costs, and toward a residence built to endure the test of time.

The era for real builders to redefine the home inspection industry has arrived. Join Brian Cornwell and Building Supporters in revolutionizing home inspections, elevating your family’s health, safety, and investment to unparalleled heights. Discover how we go beyond the standard, setting a new benchmark for excellence in home inspections. Welcome to the home inspection revolution with Building Supporters.

Real Builders + Real World Experience

In an industry where mediocrity has been normalized and the baseline standards are embarrassingly low, my mission with Building Supporters has been unwaveringly clear: to redefine and revolutionize home inspections for good. We’re not just changing the game; we’re elevating it to unprecedented heights. The reason? We employ REAL builders with tangible, hard-earned expertise in construction, architecture, and engineering, not just individuals with online certifications who might as well be clowns juggling theoretical knowledge without any practical application.

Why does this matter, you ask? The reasoning is as straightforward as it is compelling.

Firstly, the construction of a home, its anatomy, is complex and intricate. It’s a blend of art and science, requiring more than just a superficial glance. Online-certified “experts” often bring to the table a theoretical understanding of what a home should be. Still, lack the nuanced eye that comes from years of hands-on experience in building and fixing actual houses. They might know what dampness looks like on paper but could likely miss the early signs of it hidden behind a newly painted wall. They’ve been taught to pass exams, not to catch the early symptoms of structural failure.

Meanwhile, real builders — those who’ve spent years on construction sites, who’ve faced the challenges of ensuring a structure stands strong against the elements, who understand how the myriad components of a building come together — they bring an unmatched level of expertise. They’ve seen firsthand what shortcuts in construction can lead to and know exactly where to look to unearth problems that an untrained or inexperienced eye would miss. These are not merely inspectors; they are seasoned warriors of construction, with stories and scars to prove it.

At Building Supporters, we insist on this level of expertise because the stakes are high. We’re not just ticking boxes on a standard checklist; we’re safeguarding dreams, investments, and, most importantly, the well-being of families. The “pathetic/ minimal” inspection standards widely accepted in the industry are a disservice to both homebuyers and the sanctity of craftsmanship in construction. These standards invite complacency, and complacency in our book is the first step towards failure.

We’re determined to set a higher benchmark for what it means to inspect a home. We aim to offer peace of mind, rooted in the certainty that a real expert has scrutinized every element of the home. Our team, with their real-world experience, brings a depth of understanding and a commitment to excellence that you simply won’t find elsewhere.

By choosing Building Supporters, our clients are not just getting an inspection. They’re receiving a comprehensive, meticulous examination of their potential new home, conducted by individuals who have spent a lifetime perfecting their craft. This isn’t about ticking boxes or jumping through hoops to meet industry minimums. It’s about excellence, safety, and integrity.

additonal benefits

1. **Unmatched Thoroughness**: We dive deeper, leaving no socket untested, no pipe unchecked.

2. **Advanced Technology Utilization**: Employing the latest in home inspection tech, from thermal imaging to drone roof inspections.

3. **Speed Without Sacrifice**: Swift service delivery that doesn’t cut corners.

4. **Empowering Knowledge**: Not just identifying problems, but explaining them in detail.

5. **Preventative Insight**: We don’t just find existing issues; we predict potential future problems.

6. **Cost Efficiency**: Catching minor issues before they become major, wallet-draining problems.

7. **Highly Trained Inspectors**: Only the best, most rigorously trained professionals make the cut.

8. **Actionable Solutions**: We provide clear guidance on next steps, not just a list of problems.

9. **Tailored Inspections**: Services matched to your specific needs, not one-size-fits-all approaches.

10. **Transparent Communication**: Clarity is key in all our interactions.

11. **Enhanced Resale Value**: Highlighting your home’s strengths for future sales potential.

12. **Informed Negotiation Power**: Armed with our findings, you can negotiate property prices from a position of strength.

13. **Comprehensive Digital Reports**: Detailed findings with high-quality images and explanations.

14. **24/7 Customer Support**: Questions don’t adhere to a 9-5 schedule, so neither do we.

15. **Post-Inspection Support**: Our service doesn’t end at the report; we’re here for follow-up queries.

16. **Safety Priority**: Identifying hazards that could compromise your household’s safety.

17. **Quality Assurance**: With our name on the line, we ensure the highest standards.

18. **Energy Efficiency Audit**: Recommendations to reduce energy bills and carbon footprint.

19. **Insurance Advantage**: A thorough inspection can positively influence home insurance rates.

20. **Longevity of Home**: Guidance on maintaining and improving your home’s lifespan.

21. **Peace of Mind**: Knowing the exact state of what’s likely your largest investment.

22. **Tailored Recommendations**: Partnering with local, reliable contractors for repairs or renovations.

23. **Time Savings**: Our efficiency saves you time in the home-buying or -selling process.

24. **Cutting-Edge Insights**: Leveraging industry-leading insights for a superior service.

25. **Environmental Awareness**: Identifying environmental issues, from radon to mold.

26. **Non-Invasive Techniques**: Thorough inspections without damaging the property.

27. **Customizable Service Packages**: Pick and choose services that fit your exact needs.

28. **Credibility and Reliability**: Backed by a reputation of unwavering excellence.

29. **Lifetime Advisory**: Establishing long-term relationships for any future property needs.

30. **No-Nonsense Attitude**: Direct, straightforward advice without sugar-coating.

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