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Colorado Building Science, Forensics + Enclosure Consulting

Colorado Building Science, Forensics + Enclosure Consulting

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We solve mold, rot, decay, odors, uncontrolled humidity, poor indoor air quality, and more in a world where buildings are more sensitive than ever.

  • Mitigate the risk of technical non-structural failures in buildings: We solve leaks, decay, rot, mold, odors, and poor indoor air quality.
  • Boost the durability factor of your building enclosures. Our strategies are like the fountain of youth for your structure. Maintenance and replacement? We make it easy.
  • Help meet your energy efficiency and thermal comfort goals. We’re turning buildings into temples of sustainable power, and we’re making sure the occupants are comfortable as possible.

Now, prepare yourselves for a journey into the very fabric of what makes our buildings tick. This isn’t just about fixing leaks and plugging holes. This is about elevating the entire ethos of how we construct, maintain, and optimize the environments we inhabit. We’re not just building whisperers; we’re the maestros of masonry, the sultans of structure, transcending the average to achieve the extraordinary in forensic investigations, building performance, enclosure consulting, and the almighty realm of building science.

Our domain? It’s the battleground where architecture meets the elements, where each droplet of rain and gust of wind is an opportunity to test our mettle against the forces of nature. We’re the ones called in when your grand designs start showing their flaws, cracking under the pressure, or – let’s not sugarcoat it – betraying your trust with every sign of water damage, mold bloom, and inexplicable odor. It’s our calling to delve into these mysteries, to bring order to chaos and salvage the dreams embedded in every blueprint.

In the crucible of construction, from the first pencil sketch to the final installation, we are there. Our hands guide the process, our eyes scrutinize every detail, and our spirits infuse each project with the ambition to exceed not just codes and standards, but expectations.

Our forensics-based approach benefits from every catastrophe averted, every disaster studied, forging a path forward that’s not just about recovery, but about reimagining what’s possible. We’re not just fixing buildings; we’re redefining the limits of architectural resilience.

In essence, we invite those who dare to dream, those who defy the mundane, to join us. Let us transform your ambitious visions into imperishable legacies, ensuring that each project isn’t just a testament to human ingenuity, but a beacon of sustainability, strength, and beauty. With Building Supporters, embark on a journey to redefine the skyline, one unassailable building at a time.


Forensic Investigations

Forensic Investigations: This is where we shine, delving into the heart of the building’s ailments like modern-day detectives. Armed with state-of-the-art technology and a keen eye for details missed by ordinary mortals, we unearth the often hidden causes of building failure. From the minuscule but malignant crack to the systemic inadequacies of design and materials, our mission is to expose these hidden adversaries and bring them to light.

Building Performance

Building Performance: In the world of high-stakes architecture, from museums that house the treasures of humanity to the most sophisticated labs where the future is being written, we ensure these edifices not only stand but excel. We turn potential pitfalls into prowess, optimizing every aspect of a building’s performance, whether it’s battling the relentless forces of nature or providing sanctuary from it. Our holistic approach doesn’t just anticipate problems; it engineers resilience and elegance into every structure, ensuring they’re not just habitats, but sanctuaries for innovation and artistry.

Enclosure Consulting and Building Science

Enclosure Consulting and Building Science: Here lies the core of our philosophy – the fusion of practical wisdom with the pioneering spirit of scientific inquiry. Our enclosures do more than protect; they breathe, adapt, and resonate with the environments they inhabit. Through meticulous analysis and an exhaustive understanding of building science principles, we craft solutions that not only solve but transcend, ensuring that buildings are as enduring as they are exquisite.

Modern Building Failures

Why are modern buildings so prone to early failure and problematic conditions?

It’s a question that demands an audacious dive into the complexities of contemporary construction methodologies. It’s not just about the architects dreaming up avant-garde edifices that grace the front pages of glossy magazines, or their infatuation with over-engineering. The core issue–and dare I say, the villain in our story–is none other than moisture. This seemingly innocuous element is, in fact, the nemesis of architectural integrity and longevity.

In our valiant quest for buildings that epitomize energy efficiency, acoustic perfection, and a visage befitting of a 21st-century utopia, we’ve inadvertently walked into a trap of our own design. The inception of multi-layered wall assemblies, more akin to a complex puzzle than a part of a building, alongside an obsession with airtightness, is a recipe for disaster. It’s as if we’ve invited mold and its fungal companions to a lavish soiree, offering the walls of our buildings as the venue. Gone are the days when a minor installation gaffe was simply that – minor. Today, these missteps fester and balloon into catastrophic failures.

Reflect upon the age-old architectures that still stand with a defiant grace against the tides of time. These structures weren’t just buildings; they were giant, breathing entities. Their secret? A harmonious balance that allowed them to inhale and exhale without restraint—virtually letting the building breathe. Despite these structures being as energy-efficient as a gaping hole in your wallet, they showcased a remarkable tenacity to endure, thanks to their superior drying potential.

Contrast that with the modern paradigm, where buildings are sealed with the fervor of a zealot. While such edifices bask in the glory of thermal retention that pleases the economic senses, they inadvertently become thriving ecosystems for unbridled humidity. We’re inadvertently architecting petri dishes, not buildings.

And let us not forgo mention of the materials that constitute these modern marvels— a veritable Achilles’ heel. In the relentless pursuit of aesthetics and cost-cutting, the choice of building materials often leans towards the economical, sacrificing resilience and durability at the altar of savings. When these materials encounter moisture, the ensuing degradation is not unlike witnessing sugar dissolve under a downpour.

Adding insult to injury is the prevailing ethos in construction today: rapid completion over meticulous craftsmanship. It’s akin to prioritizing speed over strength, appearance over architecture. The result? Edifices that stand not as bulwarks against time and nature, but as fragile monuments to compromised standards.

In conclusion, as we stand at the crossroads of innovation and tradition, it is imperative that we recalibrate our approach towards building design and construction. Let’s draw inspiration from the pragmatic resilience of ancient structures and marry it with our modern-day technological prowess. It’s time to forge edifices that aren’t just visually mesmerizing or superficially sustainable but are fundamentally robust, enduring, and uncompromising in the face of nature’s whims. For in the grand tapestry of architecture, it is not the buildings that resist change that endure, but those that adapt, breathe, and live in harmony with the world around them.


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