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Colorado Sub Slab Ductwork Inspections

High Performance Colorado Sub Slab Ductwork Inspections

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Discover historical flood evidence, rodent infestations, infiltration of sewer gas odors,  crushing/settlement breaks and leaks, site drainage issues, ductwork blockages and more.

Safeguard your family from potential indoor air quality hazards, and determine the overall efficiency and safety of your HVAC system.

Building Supporters harnesses the power of advanced digital camera innovation to masterfully navigate the complex labyrinth of subterranean HVAC ductwork and down flow furnances. This endeavor goes far beyond a superficial check – it’s an in-depth investigation aimed at unearthing the concealed realities of HVAC systems.

From pinpointing obstructions and breaks ushered in by ground settlement to identifying zones at risk due to the nearby sewer line leaks, and beyond, our approach is comprehensive, leaving no stone unturned in the quest to ensure the integrity and functionality of the HVAC systems we scrutinize.


Sub Slab Ductwork Inspection Benefits

Historical Flood Impact: Evaluating whether the HVAC ductwork is strategically positioned above the high water table in areas known for flooding. Building Supporters analyzes for indications of prior historical flooding incidents, leaks from nearby plumbing drain defects, condensation water damage, and water accumulation from improper slope.

Ductwork Condition: Rigorous inspection for internal signs of duct collapse due to lack of concrete reinforcement above the ducts, settlement and crushing due to weight of concrete. Examine for signs of condensation damage which can exacerbated if the ductwork is being used for air conditioning.

Duct Material Identification: Examine for rigid spiral round ducting or rectangle ducting, alongside asbestos hazards such as Transite pipe. Minimize the risk of asbestos exposure, ensuring a safer environment for inhabitants.

Mold and Rodent Infestation: Visual inspection for mold, pathogen growth, and rodent infestation to ensure a health indoor environment.

HVAC Efficiency: By identifying collapse and blockages, you can understand the true efficiency of your HVAC system, and make wise judgements on potential energy savings and system life.

Multi-Directional Locating Technology

We go FAR beyond the industry standard:

With every thorough scan of the sub slab ductwork, we not only pinpoint defects but also report their exact locations utilizing precise digital beacons when possible. (a $400 value)

Building Supporters doesn’t just identifying problems. We also calculate the total number of feet to the defect to furnish you with actionable intelligence. Now, you can accurately quote HVAC ductwork repairs without aimless guesswork and unpredictable end costs.

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High performance Sub Slab Ductwork inspections:


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Sub slab ductwork considerations: We respect the integrity of every property and do not resort to intrusive measures like dismantling or modifying HVAC equipment in our quest. Sub Slab Ductwork inspections don’t encompass certain tasks like climbing hazardous roof types for vent access. 1½” to 12″ ductwork/pipe capacity up to 200′ line length included. For rare instances where access to the sub slab ductwork is compromised or inaccessible, rest assured, you’re not on the hook for the cost of the sub slab ductwork inspection. Location services may not always be rendered due to excessive slab concrete depth/coverings or building material interference.

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