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Included with every high-performance inspection for free. Utilizing state-of-the-art FLIR® infrared cameras, Building Supporters not only identify problems invisible to the naked eye but delivers unparalleled precision in building diagnosis.

In the realm of property ownership and investment, accepting the status quo is not just a compromise; it’s a risk. Surface-level inspections might tick a box, but they barely scratch the surface of what could be lying dormant in the structure of your property.

Your home is your castle, your refuge, and the guardian of your loved ones and investments. This is why, at Building Supporters, we refuse to offer you anything less than a high-performance inspection that matches the intensity and thoroughness of a high-stakes game. We’re in it to win it for you, utilizing advanced infrared technology to detect a broad spectrum of issues that could be lurking unseen within the walls of your sanctuary.

Our infrared home inspections are not just a procedure; they are a revelation. By harnessing the power of FLIR® infrared cameras, we’re equipped to uncover what traditional methods could easily overlook. Here’s a glimpse into the common, yet often unseen, problems that we expose through our meticulous infrared home inspections:

Why Infrared Cameras Are a Game-Changer

Infrared cameras stand as the vanguard in modern home inspection technology, offering swift, reliable, and unequivocally accurate assessments of hidden property issues. From the intricate evaluation of heating and AC systems to the precise identification of overheated electrical panels and concealed moisture problems, these devices see what human eyes cannot.

In a world filled with superficial makeovers, especially in bank-owned homes looking for a quick sale, Building Supporter’s high-performance infrared inspection services penetrate beyond surface-level touch-ups, revealing truths that might have been conveniently masked by a fresh coat of paint.

Imagine a scenario in an impeccably staged flip house, where everything screams perfection to the unaided eye. However, armed with the prowess of thermal imaging, we unravel hidden leaks just beneath the glossy facade—a testament to the technology’s ability to reveal discrepancies that could potentially save thousands in unforeseen repair costs. Furthermore, thermal imaging can even diagnose diminished thermal efficiency in windows, a common yet often overlooked issue that can affect both comfort and energy bills.

Precision Equipment for Precise Diagnostics

Not all infrared cameras are created equal. In a domain flooded with variants ranging from the elementary to the sophisticated, Building Supporter’s invest exclusively in high-end FLIR infrared thermal imaging cameras. Superior resolution doesn’t just imply greater image clarity; it translates into more accurate, more detailed, and more reliable inspections. Supported by the U.S. Department of Energy’s endorsement, thermographic inspections stand as an essential pillar in informed decision-making for both buyers and sellers alike.

Now, investing in a thermal imaging camera isn’t pocket change, which is why most inspectors balk at the expense. However, in our pursuit of excellence, expense is no deterrent. Our process includes an exhaustive, meticulous walkthrough of the property, employing both HVAC systems and water flow to accentuate temperature differentials across various surfaces. This rigorous method ensures a comprehensive sweep for dampness, insulation flaws, and thermal inefficiency, amongst others, with an accuracy that’s simply unmatched.


The Science Behind Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging operates on a simple yet profound principle: everything emits infrared energy or heat as long as it’s above absolute zero.

This part of the light spectrum, invisible to our eyes, becomes the language through which hidden truths about a property are unveiled. Thermography converts this infrared radiation into visible light for analysis, revealing discrepancies in thermal mass that often point to issues like moisture, which could lead to more serious structural or health-related problems down the line.

While an infrared camera stands as a potent tool in a home inspector’s arsenal, it’s crucial to approach its capabilities with a grounded understanding. It doesn’t predict future leaks or peer through physical obstructions. Yet, its value in detecting current, actionable issues within the accessible scope of the property is undeniably crucial, serving as a pivotal step in safeguarding one’s investment against the unforeseen.

Advanced Moisture Detection

Moisture within the structure of a home is a red flag for several reasons. It’s the primary catalyst for mold growth, which can lead to significant health issues for occupants. Beyond health concerns, moisture accelerates the deterioration of building materials, including wood rot and metal corrosion.

This degradation compromises structural integrity, potentially leading to expensive repairs. Infrared technology excels in identifying these hidden dangers by detecting temperature variances that signal moisture presence. It allows homeowners to address these issues proactively, preserving the building’s health and longevity. Comparatively, traditional inspection methods might miss these hidden moisture pockets until visible signs appear, often too late to prevent extensive damage.

Electrical System Analysis

The electrical systems within a building are its lifeline, but when compromised, they pose a significant fire risk.

Overloaded circuits, deteriorated insulation, and faulty wiring are not always apparent upon visual inspection. Infrared inspections illuminate these issues by visualizing thermal anomalies that indicate excessive heat—signaling an electrical fault.

By pinpointing exact problematic locations, IR technology directs maintenance efforts precisely where needed, enhancing safety while preventing potential disaster. This preemptive approach stands in stark contrast to waiting for system failures, which could result in dangerous fires or costly equipment replacements.


Energy Efficiency Audits

A home’s energy efficiency is pivotal not just for cost-saving but also for environmental stewardship. Traditional insulation inspections might overlook minor gaps or thinning insulation areas that significantly impact a home’s thermal envelope.

Infrared thermal imaging uncovers these deficiencies by showcasing areas where heat exchange is uncharacteristically high or low. This granular view enables homeowners to undertake targeted insulation improvements, sealant applications, and other reparative measures, leading to a marked reduction in energy consumption and utility costs. Such specificity in identifying problem areas offers a more effective strategy than broad, generalized upgrades based on guesswork.

Did you know: Even very minor air leaks, such as gaps around exterior wall electric receptacles, can cause wall sheathing failure (rot and deterioration) due to condensation.

Missing insulation.

HVAC System Efficacy

HVAC systems are essential for maintaining indoor comfort, but their efficiency can be compromised by numerous factors, including leaks in the ductwork or improper installation. Through infrared inspections, the thermal signatures of air escaping from ducts or blockages reducing airflow become visible, highlighting the need for repairs or adjustments.

This capability not only ensures that the HVAC system operates optimally, saving on energy bills, but also contributes to a more evenly heated or cooled environment, enhancing occupant comfort. This level of diagnostic precision is typically beyond the reach of traditional HVAC assessment methods that might only suggest whole-system adjustments without identifying specific fault points.

Detecting Roofing Issues

The roof is a property’s first defense against environmental elements, but it is also prone to damage that can lead to leaks and energy inefficiency. Traditional roof inspections may not detect the early stages of moisture intrusion or underperforming insulation

In contrast, infrared inspections can reveal these issues by showcasing thermal variances. Addressing these findings promptly can prevent the gradual water damage that leads to mold, rot, and energy loss, ensuring the roof’s longevity and performance.

Locating Pest Infestations

In an era where home inspection mediocrity is often the norm, our high-performance home inspections stand as a beacon of excellence and foresight. It’s not merely about identifying what’s wrong today; it’s about preempting tomorrow’s challenges, ensuring your home isn’t just a dwelling but a legacy fortified against time. Choose not just an inspection, but a promise of unmatched quality, safety, and peace of mind.

Detecting Pests with Thermal Imaging:

Termite nest under floor: A termite nest under the floorboards is revealed with thermal imaging.

Hornets nest in ceiling and walls: Hornet nests show up as hotspots in thermal.

Rodent nest: Rodents (like the possum on the left) or their nests may be visible, or wildlife activity may leave clues like missing insulation (right).

Termites in walls: Termites nests may be visible as hotspots (left), and termite tunnels have high moisture content that can be detected with thermal imaging (right).

Verification of Radiant Heating Systems

In-floor radiant heating systems offer efficient and comfortable heating solutions, but irregularities in installation or operation can lead to uneven heating and energy wastage. Infrared inspections enable a detailed assessment of these systems, identifying areas of uneven heat distribution, blockages, or leaks.

This precision ensures that radiant heating systems function as intended, offering a level of oversight beyond traditional testing methods, which may not as easily pinpoint specific problem areas within the system.

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