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Why do we stand head and shoulders above the competition in Colorado, and why are our prices reflective of this high performance service?

Consider this quote from Mike Holmes, “Holmes on Homes”, HGTV “The very best inspections do not come cheap. And they shouldn’t. Think about it; we’re talking about your home, your biggest investment. The more wisely you spend your money in the beginning, the more money you’ll save in the long run.”

Building Supporters isn’t your run-of-the-mill, typical general inspection. We’ve shaken up the entire industry with training, hiring and education standards that are 1000x higher.

With over $100,000 in specialized testing tools, Building Supporters is the MOST data-driven inspection company in Colorado. We’re a deeply passionate team backed by REAL experienced past builders, professional tradespeople and construction geniuses. As the #1 and only high performance inspection in Colorado, we aren’t focused on doing the MOST inspections, we focus on doing the HIGHEST QUALITY inspections.

With daily inspections capped to 1-2 per day, per inspector MAX, we can invest MORE time to save you MORE money. We’re fully insured, our high-performance inspections are fully guaranteed, and we use a portion of every inspection dollar we make to secure our clients some of the BEST insurance, guarantees and warranties in the industry.

Yes, investing in our high-performance service may cost a bit more upfront than the cheap “few hundred-dollar inspectors”, but considering the thoroughness, expertise, and confidence/reassurance we deliver: we are worth every single penny. Much like building a house, do things the right way, and hire Building Supporters the first time. You CAN avoid future expensive heartaches, costly repairs and hidden health hazards.

Why We’re Different

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Building Supporters: Colorado's Only High Performance Residential & Commercial Property Inspections + Building Problem Solving Specialists. 720-660-3121.

We cover a 75+ mile radius of Boulder: Same-day reports. Fully Insured. We inspect, report, and protect more. Save more money - way more. The difficult done immediately. The impossible takes a little longer. Miracles by appointment. Schedule today.

High Performance Colorado Comprehensive Pre-Purchase Residential Home Inspections
High Performance Colorado New Construction Oversight - Residential + Commercial Phase Inspections
High Performance Colorado Pre-Listing Inspection
High Performance Colorado Pre-Delivery Final + 1-Year Builder's Warranty Home Inspection
High Performance Colorado Owner Builder Support + Resources
High Performance Colorado Foundation + Floor + Grading + Flat Roof Level Surveys
High Performance Colorado Septic Inspections
High Performance Colorado Well Inspections
High Performance Colorado Rain Water + Well Water + City Water Quality Testing
Colorado Material Lab Testing - Lead, Asbestos, Formaldehyde + Chinese Drywall + Wildfire (Smoke)
High Performance Colorado Termite + Intrusive Wood Destroying Organism Inspection
High Performance Colorado Mold Inspections, Investigations + Testing
Colorado Building Science, Forensics + Enclosure Consulting
Colorado Indoor Air Quality Testing + Co2 + TVOC + Radon + Sewer Gas + Gas Leak Detection
Colorado Construction Expert Witness, Litigation + Mediation + Evidence Preservation
Colorado Building History + Retro Permit Search
High Performance Colorado Level 1 + 2 Chimney Inspections
High Performance Colorado Natural Pond + Pool + Spa Inspections
High Performance Colorado Sewerline Camera Inspections - Sewer Scope
Colorado Sub Slab Ductwork Inspections
High Performance Colorado Infrared Thermography Surveys