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If you’re considering new construction, remember that no matter what the builder or their sales agent tells you, you have a right to have a 3rd party inspector come out and take a look before you close.


Every trade should pulls permits and all pass inspection before drywall goes up. I do residential new construction, and there’s an city building inspector for each leg of the process.Its a thing because municipal inspectors hold builders accountable to the lowest possible standard. Drive-by inspections are also a thing. I trust municipal inspectors about as far as they are willing to walk from their vehicle.


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AVOID LITIGATION. 3rd party to BACK YOU UP. $1K is a SMALL price to pay for zero headaches. Let it be YOUR gift to your client.

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High Performance Colorado Comprehensive Pre-Purchase Residential Home Inspections
High Performance Colorado New Construction Oversight - Residential + Commercial Phase Inspections
High Performance Colorado Pre-Listing Inspection
High Performance Colorado Pre-Delivery Final + 1-Year Builder's Warranty Home Inspection
High Performance Colorado Owner Builder Support + Resources
High Performance Colorado Foundation + Floor + Grading + Flat Roof Level Surveys
High Performance Colorado Septic Inspections
High Performance Colorado Well Inspections
High Performance Colorado Rain Water + Well Water + City Water Quality Testing
Colorado Material Lab Testing - Lead, Asbestos, Formaldehyde + Chinese Drywall + Wildfire (Smoke)
High Performance Colorado Termite + Intrusive Wood Destroying Organism Inspection
High Performance Colorado Mold Inspections, Investigations + Testing
Colorado Building Science, Forensics + Enclosure Consulting
Colorado Indoor Air Quality Testing + Co2 + TVOC + Radon + Sewer Gas + Gas Leak Detection
Colorado Construction Expert Witness, Litigation + Mediation + Evidence Preservation
Colorado Building History + Retro Permit Search
High Performance Colorado Level 1 + 2 Chimney Inspections
High Performance Colorado Natural Pond + Pool + Spa Inspections
High Performance Colorado Sewerline Camera Inspections - Sewer Scope
Colorado Sub Slab Ductwork Inspections
High Performance Colorado Infrared Thermography Surveys